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My New Back Porch – Phase I Complete

Phase I of my new back porch is finished!  Phase II will have to be put on hold for a while due to the intense summer heat but I love what I have.  I’ve planted two hardy kiwi plants (hopefully 1 male & 1 female) and a Baronne Provost climbing rose to climb up the lattice on the side of the porch with some nice Vietnamese Perilla and a Stevia plant in the planter The Sushiman made for me.


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A Visit to the Dallas Arboreteum

While attending my lil’ sis’s baby shower two weeks ago, I went to visit the Dallas Arboreteum. They grow a wide range of plants that suit the dry hot Texas weather. My favorite was the flower house displays they were spotlighting for the summer. They were small houses with walls of hanging planters of vincas and begonias. They were pretty and I’d like to take the idea of a wall of planters and do something similiar in my garden. Hmmmm…. food for thought.  Anyways, I have some photos of my lil’ sis’s baby shower display (which are not garden related but nice anyways) and some flower houses and a Japanese Windflower (it’s a beautiful mint green flower!)

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Happy Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, we show our appreciation for mothers everywhere, especially our own.  Since my mom went to Houston where my sibs will take my mother out and make sure my mom feels appreciated, the Sushiman and I are spending our Sunday with the Sushiman’s mom.   I made a cake with whipped cream frosting and fresh fruits for the Sushiman’s mom.  Unfortunately, the fruits are all store-bought except for the wild blackberries when I went berry picking.

For my own mom and mothers everywhere,  Have a happy and blessed Mother’s Day!

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My New Back Porch

On our third year in our home, we have finally started to build our back porch!  I would have preferred to have the builder put the porch on when we first had the house built but they wouldn’t build it the way we wanted it.  Well, we decided that we would have it done later.  And two years went by…

Now, my dad is helping us build it ourselves.  It’s going to be a two phase project.  This first area will be our outdoor kitchen area.   The south wall is a double glass window that The Sushiman insists is perfect to block the wind from the cooking area.  We’ve decided to cover the outside with lattice and put a garden box underneath so I can plant some climbing vines to grow up along our south wall.  I already have some hardy kiwis which would be perfect there.

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Memorial Weekend Plant Spree

This past Memorial Weekend was marked by a family outing to several plant nurseries in town.  I wasn’t planning to actually purchase anything but the temptation was too much and my designated purchasers were of no help.  (In fact, my sis, who had no garden, ended purchasing an apple mint and some habanero, serrano and tabasco pepper plants for a container garden at her mid-town townhome.  LOL)  My parents went to town and purchased several plants also.  I ended up with a habanero pepper plant,  an okra plant (gift from mom), 2 geraniums for the pink heart flower bed, 2 different hydrangeas (from my sweetie, The Sushiman), a whole tray of 4″  mixed bedding flower plants, mostly begonias and a cutting of my sis’s apple mint.

I planted the bedding flowers around the front sides of my heart flower bed in the front yard.  I added some white flowered begonias to contrast with all the pink and finished off one side with some hot pink moss roses.  It’s starting to look pretty nice.  I still have the back facing the house to finish planting but I’m holding off a little bit there.  My goal is to have a different view from every angle yet still be cohesive or at least be color coordinated.  🙂

Here’s some pics of my heart flower bed currently:

The daffodil leaves are starting to look scraggly but I’ll leave them to continue building up the bulbs underneath for next year’s return hopefully.  Looking at the flowerbed, I’m always tempted to keep adding more plants until it looks fuller but I’m trying to keep in mind the final size of each plant and leave it space to grow.  The big pink geranium in the corner was actually only 3″ wide last year when I planted it and now it’s at least 1′ wide.  It’s the instant garden mentally so pervasive everywhere nowadays but patience is a virtue.

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