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Time just slips by so easily. Again, life takes over and one realizes that all those pictures of your garden has gone unposted! Does one go back and post them or move on? I have chosen to move forward with some quick flashbacks for everyone’s perusal . LOL. Too lazy to back post; anyways I’d never catch up!

There are Plant shows galore around this season. Of course the LSU Garden show on March 26th was a must visit. I bought a chocolate bell pepper, Mexican bell pepper, mole pepper, habenero pepper, sugar snack cherry tomato, sweet baby girl cherry tomato, patio tomato, Mortgage Lifter tomato plant, red tumbler in a basket, a cold hardy kiwi, 2 female & 1 male kiwi (the brown kind you buy in stores), hibiscus, double blossom begonia in a basket, 2 fairytale eggplants & a sage. I totally went to town.






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