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Yuzu, Yuzu

The Yuzu trees (Citrus Ichangensis x Citrus Reticulata) have burst into bloom with beautiful flowers and fresh green leaves.  Hopefully, this year’s multitude of blooms will turn into beautiful yuzu fruits which will ripen into fullness.   Last year, the fruits kept falling off while still tiny and only about 4 managed to ripen.

The yuzu trees has huge 2″-3″ thorns which I usually snip off every spring.  Yes, this is a lot of work but so is weeding.  For me, the extra work is preferable to being  stabbed by a 2″ thorn while trying to admire or pick a beautiful aromatic yuzu fruit.

My yuzu tree has finally grown taller than the neighbor’s 6′ fence!  It just celebrated its 3rd birthday with us and really has grown very nicely.  I’ve hesitated to prune it since I wanted it to grow taller but I think I will have to prune it this year to encourage a fuller look.   I am thinking of selecting the branches that need pruning and trying to propagate those branches.   I’d love to have a few extra yuzu trees!

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