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My Pretty, My Pretty Peony

Like many gardeners, I suffer from this extreme shortcoming, which is I want to plants not suitable to my zone.  I love peonies but I live in the deep South where peonies supposedly don’t grow.   Well, there are some accounts of people somehow managing to grow them by throwing ice on top of the plants in the winter but I actually haven’t tried that yet.  I purchased some peony bulbs last spring and planted them.   After carefully nuturing the bulbs, I had one small spindly sprout which lasted for a month before falling to the heatwave of June.   I convinced myself that the bulbs were growing roots underneath and resisted digging up the bulbs to check.   This winter has been extremely cold with several weeks of frosty days so I had my hands full trying to protect as many plants from the frost as possible.   The peonies were left out in the cold and neglected.

The Sushiman and I have a deal.  He is only allowed free reign over the lawn and watering the plants.   Everything else to do with the garden must be approved by me since he can’t tell a weed from a beloved plant.   Unfortunately, he decided to help clean up the winter debris and various pots with plants which did not survive the winter.  Digging in my peony planter which happened to mulched with a light covering of leaves, he dug up a bulb with a sprout.  Imagining my reaction, he promptly replanted it back and went to find me.    Luckily for him, I’m too happy to find any surviving plants so I forgave him.   Hopefully, these cute little sprouts will result in some peony bushes this year!

Mid- March Photos:


April 13, 2010 - Posted by | Flowers

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