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Tomatoes in Law

This year, I went tomato plant shopping with The Sushiman’s mom in Mid-March.   After much debating, we came home with four tomato plants:  2 Better Boys & 2 Creoles from Lowe’s.  These were to be the reliable hybrids for this year.   (I want to make sure that I will have plenty of tomatoes for the summer.)  Last year, I was late in planting my garden (Late April) so this year I had a bit of a head start (for me, at least).  Well, 1 Better Boy and 1 Creole promptly died within a week but the other two thrived.  I replaced it another Better Boy from Lowe’s and a BN 660 from the LSU Garden Show.  I also picked up a Sugar Snack cherry tomato plant and Beefsteak tomato plant from Clegg’s Nursery when I went with my parents.  Then, I went to the LSU Garden Show with my mom where I picked up a Patio cherry tomato plant in a hanger.  So cute!

Two weeks later, the Patio Tomato is huge and looks like I should be able to harvest some cherry tomatoes within the next few days!

The Sugar Snack cherry tomatoes are also looking good.

April 11, 2010 - Posted by | Fruits and Vegetables

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