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Gardening in South Louisiana


Next to our pond, I’ve planted a beautiful papaya tree overlooking the waterfall.  With the beautiful serrated leaves, the papaya continues the tropical theme of my pond.   Plus, the luscious papaya fruits are an added bonus.  Last year, there was an abundance of fruits, which were blended into smoothies and mixed into fruit salads.   The papaya is quite easy to grow.  Just toss the seeds from a fruit you ate and watch them grow.   The sprouts that are thinned out can also be eaten as a salad.  With the food trend of micro-greens, this is a must try for all the foodies reading this post.  As for the tree,  I just remember to cover when the temperature drops below 32 degree F in the winter and it’s a pretty easy to care for fruit tree for me.  The waxy white flowers are very pretty and plentiful but hidden under the huge leaves.   I’ve included pictures of the sprouts, flowers and fruits for everyone to admire.  Enjoy!

September 15, 2009 - Posted by | Fruits and Vegetables

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  1. I love tropical trees, but with our winters, I am lucky to have only meditarrenian palm trees. But even they give me a headache from brushing the snow off them. Papaya is pretty…

    Comment by Tatyana | September 15, 2009 | Reply

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