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Night of the Dragonfruit

Lately, the weather has been too hot and humid for the flowers to really bloom.  Luckily, there are the tropicals to rely on for some beautiful blooms to enjoy.  I have a small dragonfruit orchard, which I started last year from some plants my father gave me.  To my surprise and delight, I had some buds form this year and the flowers bloomed on Tuesday night.  Like the night blooming cereus, the dragonfruit blooms only one night.  In fact, the flowers look very similar, except the dragonfruit flowers are 3 times the size of the night blooming cereus.  The dragonfruit depends on night moths to fertilize them.  I am looking forward to the fruits within the next month.  Yummy!!


July 31, 2009 Posted by | Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables | 1 Comment