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Hydrangea Blues

Hydrangeas really herald the coming of summer for many people.  Those huge pink, blue, purple or white blooms are so eye-catching.  When I saw some beautiful blue hydrangeas blooming in the front yard of  someone’s house in my neighborhood, I mentioned to my sweetie, The Sushiman,  that  I would love to have one.  Well, I received two during the Memorial weekend  (that’s why he’s my sweetie!)  One was a Hydrangea Macrophylia Doublelicious and the other was a Hydrangea Macrophylia Forever Pink. Both are in beautiful shades of pink ( I should have mentioned I prefer the blue ones 🙂 )

Living in a newly constructed home, there are no real shady spots in my yard so I decided to plant the Hydrangea Macrophylia Forever Pink in my front yard flowerbed, right next to the rock fountain.  This spot receives morning sun but is usually shady by 2 pm onwards.  Hopefully, it’ll do well there.  As for the Hydrangea Macrophylia Doublelicious, it’ll be put into a pot for now.

Hydrangea Macrophylia Forever Pink  ( Top 2 photos)

Hydrangea Macrophylia Doublelicious (Bottom 3 photos)


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A Rose for 50 cents

To tell the truth, I was not planning on growing any roses in my garden.  Don’t get me wrong, I love roses.  The soft, velvety petals, the rich scent they exude and lush blooms in the summer; what is there not to love?  I especially love the hybrids,  which do not love me or the hot southern summers.  Still, when my mom gave me three roses bushes that she purchased for only 50 cents each, how could I say no?   Well, I planted them in the small flower bed between the front entrance walkway and the garage wall and in the heart flowerbed.   Perhaps, our long springlike weather gave them a chance to really set down roots because they’re blooming like crazy lately.  Not bad for half a dollar, I say.

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