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Spring – the word brings to mind plants sprouting, flowers blooming, birds chirping, spring cleaning;  in other words, a sense of renewal.   In the south, spring always seems to fly right by and summer has already settled in around this time of the year.   This year, spring decided to linger a bit longer – to the great delight of many Southern gardeners.  The warm breezy days and the cool nights has allowed many of our spring flowers, such as the cute daffodil below,  to remain just a bit longer for us to enjoy.

dsc019881As for plants sprouting, I have always started my plants around March outside.  We have such a long growing season that I’ve never felt the need to start seeds indoors.  My plants have always seemed to sprout within the week anyways – and those that didn’t were counted as a lost cause after three weeks. This year, I started my seeds in mid-March as usual.  Imagine to my surprise,  a cold snap came through three times!  Each time, undeterred I would start some more seeds.  (Different ones each time,  I like to stagger out my seed starting to insure enough plants to last through the season).   I was beginning to think the ones started in mid-March were a lost cause when I discovered little sprouts coming up around the same time as the 2nd starting two weeks later!

Anyways, the tomatoes and peppers are planted and staked.  I’m trying out the cherokee purple, better boy and sweet 100s tomatoes and the Tam Jalapenos peppers, as well as my dad’s chili peppers.  The cilantro has gone to seed but we like the green coriander seeds anyways.  Mint has gone crazy and trying to overtake the rest of the garden.  (Have to do something about it.  Last year, I kept it in check by palming off mint plants to everyone who admired my mint patch.  LOL!)


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